About Valley

Valley Fontaine has been a Broadcast Journalist at the BBC for the last 20 years. 
In her various roles on radio, TV and social media working as a presenter, producer, video journalist and reporter Valley has not only reported on mainstream news stories but she has also bought black interest stories to the mainstream.  
Valley names the following report she made for the BBC World Service radio (with producer Lynsea Garrison, Feb 2017) as one of her best works:  Michelle Obama: Black Like Me.
It highlights the root and impact of shadism/colourism. This report made the top of the most listened to, in the documentary category. To listen to the BBC programme click here
More recently Valley who has a BA in Communications and an MA in Radio Journalism from Goldsmith's University of London has also become hair journalist and editor of the hair blog
For the last 7 years she has been specialising in providing key information and tips for those who like to wear weaves, wigs and braid extensions (WWB), in a bid to stop them from damaging their natural hair. Valley is also a frequent speaker at industry events, and regularly hosts live hair advice workshops. Her most recent Keynote is entitle: Taking Back Control of our Hair.
Trichologists cite Weaves, Wigs and Braid Extensions (WWB), as the number one cause of (non-health related) hair loss and breakage in women with afro hair types. This is a critical issue for black women, the majority of whom will wear wigs, weaves or braid extensions at some point in their lives due to the convenience and versatility, this has lead Valley to recently publish her own book on the subject called:
How to Grown Longer, Healthier, Natural Hair, whist wear Weaves, Wigs & Braids, Like I did! 
which is available in paperback or as an E-Book via her website:
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