Do you have what it takes to be a BBFA Student Ambassador?


Could A Stint As Brand Ambassador Help My Future Career?

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The skills that you exhibit as a good student brand ambassador are very much in demand by organisations and graduate employers. 

In a role such as a brand ambassador, you show that you understand how branding and marketing works. You show that you possess the qualities that make you a great communicator who knows how to engage with other people in a way that will persuade them to feel positively about something.

You also show that you are well connected amongst your peers because you are so good at networking.

These qualities and skills, plus many more, are just the sort of characteristics that employers are in constant need of.

In addition, contacts you make during your time could become very useful in your future endeavours. There is every chance that those contacts will remember you and help you get a job with the company when you finish your course or degree.



BBFA Student Ambassadors wanted.


The BBFA is an exciting new business committed to creating some advancement within the beauty industry. We are excited to make history with our first annual event November 2017 as we come together and promote and celebrate diverse beauty in the United Kingdom.


BBFA is the first and only UK Award event focused on beauty products suitable for black men and women. Leading up to the main event, we need to reach out as many individuals as possible and have them participate in our nationwide beauty poll.


We aim to give Black Minority Ethnic consumers of beauty products a voice that can be heard clearly and to help curve a market space for the products. We aim to increase representation of Black people in mainstream beauty and hope to see Black Beauty and Fashion Award winning products in mainstream stores across the country.


Want to be involved?

We are seeking voluntary student ambassadors between the ages of 16 to 35 years. We are accepting applications from individuals of all nationalities across the UK specifically from London, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow. If you want to be a key part in the making of this exciting new beauty industry awards event, then contact us now!


As a student ambassador you’ll be concentrating on reinforcing BBFA brand awareness and creating noise about this nationwide public voting beauty event amongst the student community where you study. You will support the marketing team to create content and increase traffic to the student ambassador blogs and BBFA voting pages.

Apply now to become a volunteer Student Ambassador!

You should be starting college or university by October 2016 and be able to carry out BBFA activities during term time, starting in the first week of term time. You should have access to a computer with high-speed Internet access and live in the UK. Most importantly, you should have a keen interest in most of the following:

  • Beauty
  • Black Beauty
  • Male grooming
  • Hair
  • Decorative cosmetics such as Make-up and nails
  • Fashion
  • African Fashion
  • Health and Well-being

Also have a great social media presence, especially on Instagram and Facebook.
To apply please email us at Send us a video introducing yourself and tell us how you’d engage with the student community at your college or university, telling them about black beauty and fashion awards and encouraging them to vote and register to vote. (Maximum of 4 ideas). The video should be no longer than three minutes long. Upload it to YouTube as a private video and send us the link, along with your social media handles.


We will be reviewing all the videos that we receive over the forth-coming weeks and will get back to you if you are chosen as one of our BBFA student ambassadors. Let us know the best email address and mobile number for us to contact you on. We look forward to seeing your video soon!


How to apply

  • Submit a CV and cover letter (max. 500 words) on why you would like to be a voluntary Student Brand Ambassador for BBFA.
  • Send us a 30-­second video describing your favourite travel experience
  • Send your application through ASAP.

What we are offering

  • Opportunities to attend exclusive beauty exhibitions and events around the country.
  • An insight into the marketing departments of event organising and also beauty business.
  • Support for your role.
  • The chance to become the BBFA ‘Student Brand Ambassador of the Year’ and win Free admission to the Black Beauty and Fashion Awards ceremony dinner.
  • A glowing reference on successful completion of your role and potential opportunities for further employment for outstanding candidates.


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