September 5, 2016
BBFA Special Awards are now OPEN!
April 28, 2017
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Black Beauty Makes History!

The Black Beauty and Fashion Awards is coming to London for Autumn 2017. Finally, Beauty Experts will commune for the UK’s first ever industry awards focused on grooming essentials suitable for Black and multiracial individuals. For the first time ever the power will be placed in our hands as we become the true judges and vote for the products that WE love and have loved us back by catering to our ever changing style and beauty needs, with innovation and flare.

A people’s choice award – The UK Black community will be given the platform to voice their views and acclaim their most loved hair, beauty and skincare brands in the first ever Black Beauty and Fashion Awards – voted for and dictated solely by US!

The mission of the BBFAwards is to firstly, to unify the BMR (Black and Multiracial) community by not only providing a platform to have your opinions heard but also by acknowledging and praising new and existing Black businesses. Secondly, champion the products and brands that have served the Black beauty industry tirelessly without recognition for years and encourage social inclusion and corporate responsibility.


How can I take part?

Through an engaging and innovative social media and marketing campaign the general public are encouraged to vote free for their most favoured brands and products to determine the winners, who will be announced on Awards night!voter-pr-post-1

21 Award categories include:

Best hair shampoo

Best foundation

Best skin care product

Best male grooming product

Best ‘free from’ product


To register to vote free please visit:

Cash and prizes will be sent out to lucky voters randomly selected by the end of closing so


The BBFAWARDS stand to be the first of many exciting and uplifting events for the Black beauty and fashion industry from an organisation with a passion for seeing advancement in the community.


About BBFA

voter-pr-release-2The mission of the Black Beauty and Fashion Awards is to recognise the unique and rich nature of the Black beauty and fashion industry and celebrate those businesses who so diligently service the demographic.

BBFA Founder Miss Jumbo says, “There have been some great accomplishments in the world of Black beauty, however there is much more to be accomplished”

Now for its inaugural ceremony, The Black Beauty and Fashion Awards aim to alleviate social exclusion whilst celebrating diverse beauty, fashion, and culture.

The awards reflect the tremendous growth of the Black and ethnic hair and beauty market, which was predicted to reach £100 million in 2016. Black women spend on average 6 times more than their counterparts on hair and beauty products, in a market bursting with an array of amazing brands and innovative products. Diverse beauty exists here in the UK and BBFAwards are excited to promote its presence in the industry.

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  1. Dreadlocks Since I got my hair dreaded i’ve been obsessed with beautiful dreadlocks.

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